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We are a group of adventurers living in a country where nature looks like a work of art. Makarska, our home, is a sunny paradise located between the majestic mountain Biokovo and the Adriatic Sea. Some guides will show you historical sites, but we will reveal natural ones. The geological diversity and uniqueness of Croatia are worthy of admiration. Our mission is to show visitors the wonders of the nature of southern Croatia. We make sure that all our activities in the mountain and the surrounding area have a minimal impact on the environment. Caring for nature is part of our business values. Our family-owned company has a team of professional guides and drivers who love their job and are happy to share their knowledge about this beautiful landscape with world travelers.

This is the home we choose.




Local field trips

The local tours offered by Tip-extreme have their roots in many years of outdoor activities, traveling, and guided tours of Split-Dalmatia County that our family and our team have experienced. Tours are thoughtfully designed to bring visitors three elements: fun, sightseeing, and a unique experience. Nature is the protagonist of every trip, with cheerful guides, a captivating story about the locations, and a homemade snack. The landscape changes with each step and becomes more beautiful. On this trip, you will discover all the layers of Dalmatia. They are impressive in geological, geomorphological, speleological, and historical terms. You will learn fascinating facts about the origin of Biokovo mountain, the plants and animals in this area, and local customs. Through these tours, you get to know natural phenomena in detail. They are a significant part of the history that was here before us and will be after us. Taking care of nature is our job We want to preserve natural goods like landscapes, water, air, and silence. Since we received these resources for free, our task is to implement sustainable tourism. Nature is important for leisure activities, as well as for tourism.

Apart from the peace and rest it provides, nature is the basis for activities such as swimming, diving, hiking, skiing, and many others. We provide visitors with a unique encounter with the karst phenomenon, but at the same time, we choose routes that have minimal impact on the environment in which we live.


Code of conduct

• We are active members of the environmental organization Osejava, which aims to encourage and educate about waste reduction and recycling.

• The number of kilometers we travel on the tour by vehicle is small, so we have a minimum carbon footprint.

• All products we provide are homemade and made from local ingredients.

• We offer drinks and desserts in glass and wooden containers. Thus we respect the zero-waste culture and do not leave waste on the mountain.

• The zip line at the starting point uses solar energy.

• Our office uses recycled paper.


Man’s first language, the most universal, the most energetic and the only language he needed before it was necessary to persuade men assembled together, is the cry of nature.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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