In its rocky nest, on the east part of the island, Metajna is located. Written documents witness that frst tourists came to Metajna in 1928. It’s a place with unique blend of wind, rock and the sea. During hot summer month one can fnd refreshment on local beaches, and especially popular is Ručica beach that can be reached through the picturesque area named Kanjon. Near Metajna there is also Beriknica beach that can be reached only on foot or by boat. Stogaj is there, a place well known to passionate fans of rock climbing. During summer season there are many fshermen’s nights flled with the scent of fresh grilled fsh, tastes of local wine and sounds of merry songs.
    Nearby villages - Zubovići, Kustići and Vidalići seem as if they had grown from stone, and
    they also offer an opportunity for a pleasant vacation.

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