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Pag tours is a destination tourist agency that is aimed at visitors to the island of Pag to spoil all its beauties and take care of a pleasant stay on this beautiful island. Pag is an exceptionally traditional, historic and gastronomic rich island, and Pag laurel, salt, cheese and lamb are the original symbols of Pag, which are truly recognizable and valuable and as such must be presented to every guest of the island and become the brands that Pag is present all over the world.

PAG TOURS d.o.o.

Zagrebačka 12, 23250 Pag
OIB: 11772695770
IBAN: HR97 2340 0091 1104 7378 6
Bank info:
Privredna banka Zagreb dd
Adress: Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Bic/swift: PBZGHR2X 

Enjoy your stay on Pag island, your host, Marin Fabijanić

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Pag Tours d.o.o.
Zagrebačka 12, 23250 Pag